Activities - Port Security

Assistance and Consulting activities for the necessary fulfillments to implement the Port Security

  • Preliminary examination of the documents owned by Port Authority related to existing structures, technological services supplied by external bodies, any agreements with private companies for maintenance services to domestic port facilities
  • Examination of a possible existing Emergency Plan and related management procedures
  • Sites Assessment, after the introduction meeting on site with the BoD and PFSO or related position (ISPS Code consider that P.F.S.O. identifies and verifies the possible threats of the port structure, to the heritage and infrastructures, and it establishes priorities in the safety requirements), focused on the discussion and analysis of work activities which take place at the assessed sites
  • Comparison between the existing systems and technical documentation acquired
  • Identification of the authorized access points in the port area as well as any additional potential unsupervised entrances
  • Field survey, interviews to employees for the systematic application of risk assessment
  • Check of the protection, control measures and existing surveillance devices
  • Field operations results processing and report, highlighting the improvements identified
  • Preliminary draft of the risk assessment document
  • Draft review with the persons in charge as point 3. for the final version approval
  • Definition of the intervention measures implementation plan and finalization in the final document
  • Identification of the working resources required for the Port Safety Plan management