Activities - Port H.S.E.

Assistance and Consulting activities for the necessary fulfillments to implement the Port H.S.E.

  • Survey of the environments to be engineered
  • Identification of risk factors
  • Assessment of the technological systems status, working tools, materials and substances used and work organization that may present a risk for workers health and safety
  • Check and Assessment of the validity of existing safety requirements and, where necessary, identification of further requirements in order to eliminate or reduce the residual fire risk
  • Technical Descriptive Report including the assessment of fire risks, hazards and design solutions for the identification of the corrective actions necessary for safety revamping of the work areas through the risk elimination or reduction
  • Basic engineering of fire fighting systems for active and passive prevention and protection to be considered and installed to achieve the aim of reducing the fire risk levels
  • Features Assessment of the existing structures fire resistance
  • Engineering drawings with the identification of the escape routes and exits with related safety signs
  • Engineering drawings with the position of fixed firefighting systems, portable firefighting equipment and possible firefighting structures for zones subdivision