Activities - Fire Training Center

Tema Group offers an excellent "turnkey" solution that enables to build fire training centers with high quality materials, fully automatic, equipped with control and command devices remotely.
Tema Group is able to:

  • engineering, realization, installation of trial simulacra;
  • managing training of trainers and of all employees engaged in the management of emergencies, in various working fields (maritime, industrial, etc...).
The simulacra are developed in compliance with international standards and the client requirements.
The realization and implementation of a fire training center provide:
  • Studying, engineering, manufacturing, supplying and fitting-out for the following facilities:
    • trial firefighting simulacra representing oil and gas fire scenarios fueled by GPL with remote control system;
    • trial firefighting simulacra representing oil and gas fire scenarios fueled by diesel with manual system shutdown for emergency management;
    • training simulation simulacrum for flashover phenomenon;
    • Tunnel crossing fire;
    • deckhouse simulacrum;
    • Smoke chamber;
    • Tanker with loading gantries simulacrum;
    • airplane and helicopter simulacrum for rescue tests;
    • floating roof tank simulacrum.
  • All auxiliary activities such as:
    • Firefighting network hydrants complete with accessories designed for testing off;
    • Lighting system;
    • Inerting system piping with nitrogen piping for safety measures;
    • Fire and gas detection systems;
    • Safety signs;
    • control room fitting out with its shelter;
    • Building works to support the system (yards reinforced concrete containment basins, protective walls, etc.);
    • Air compressor for handling valves;
    • Complete equipment for firefighters.
The training centers engineered and realized by Tema Group are able to provide the following courses as shown in the following attached file.