Consorzio TemaGroup

TemaGroup is a consortium of companies with more than ten years experience and involved in field of safety, security, environment, fire protection.
Thanks to the know-how of each company the consortium offers a wide range of "global service" activities.
Consorzio TemaGroup develops and improves economic and productive capabilities of each partner, in particular the consortium coordinates all companies involved in order to guarantee the customer an high advanced service, satisfying the market needs with the advantage to have only one partner.

Consorzio TemaGroup thanks to the skill and high level kwow-how of the companies developed an innovative port services management system. Planning and improvement of port activities and related service guarantee an high quality standard, the user satisfaction and the development of the port in a customer oriented way.
Consorzio TemaGroup plans and checks, starting from contractual to executive phase, all interventions necessary to the public heritage preservation.